Jin-Hong Park


Professor in Statistics

Department of Mathematics
College of Charleston
Charleston, SC 29424

Office: 351 Robert Scott Small Building
Phone: (843) 953-4838

E-mail: parkj@cofc.edu

Research Interest:

Dimension Reduction Methods

Time Series Modeling

Nonparametric Methods

Intervention Analysis

Financial/Econometric Applications in Statistics

Teaching Experience:

Statistical Methods I & II

Time Series Analysis

Mathematical Statistics I & II

Applied Regression Analysis

Design of Experiments

Elementary Statistics


Teaching Schedule:


Fall 2021: (Check Oaks for details)

MATH 250-11 (Statistical Methods I)

MATH 350-02 (Statistical Methods II)

MATH 499A (BE)

MATH 700 (Thesis)


Spring 2022:

MATH 350-02 (Statistical Methods II) 10:50 - 12:05PM on Monday and Wednesday

MATH 250-05 (Statistical Methods I) 1:40 - 2:55PM on Monday and Wednesday

MATH 250-10 (Statistical Methods I) 10:50 - 12:05PM on Tuesday and Thursday

MATH 499B (BE)


Statistics Training Sharpens Skills

Careers in Statistics

Statistics Track at the College of Charleston

Internships (American Statistical Association)


University of Georgia (PhD in Statistics)


Recent Publications:

* Park, J.-H., Hood, H. B. and Sriram, T.N. (2020) Time series central subspace with covariates and its application to forecasting pine sawtimber stumpage prices in the Southern United States, Journal of the Korean Statistical Society, Vol 49, 559-577

* Park, J.-H. and Samdi, S.Y. (2020) Dimension Reduction for the conditional mean and variance functions in time series, Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, Vol 47, No.1: 134-155

* Park, J.-H. and Sriram, T.N. (2017) Robust estimation of conditional variance of time series using density power, Journal of Forecasting, Vol 36, No. 6: 703-717

* Park, J.-H. and Samadi S.Y. (2014) Heteroscedastic model via the autoregressive conditional variance subspace, The Canadian Journal of Statistics, Vol 42, No. 3: 423-435

* Park, J.-H., Bandyopadhyay, D, and Letourneau, E. (2014) Examining deterrence of adult sex crimes: A semi-parametric intervention time series approach, Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, Vol 69: 198-207

* Habtzghi, D. and Park, J.-H. (2013) Estimation of Regression Model using a two stage nonparametric approach, Applied Mathematics, Vol 4, No. 8: 1189-1198

* Park, J.-H. (2013) Multi-Index Approach to Multiple Autoregressive Time Series Model, Statistics and Computing, Vol 23, No. 2: 201-208


Recent talks:

* Aug. 2020 - Organizer on Topic Contributed Section, Recent extension from univariate to multivariate analysis for high dimensional data with complex environment

Speaker, New class of multiple time series modeling: an extension from univariate dimension reduction, Joint Statistical Meetings: Virtual Conference (Everyone Counts: Data for the Public Good)

* Jun. 2018 - Contributed Paper: Robust estimation of conditional variance of time series, Institute of Mathematical Statistics - Asian Pacific Rim Meetings, Singapore

* Feb. 2016 - Colloquium: A new look at the nonlinear time series modeling using non- (or seim-) parametric approach, College of Charleston, Charleston, SC

* Jan. 2016 - Special Seminar: The time series modeling using dimension reduction approach, College of Science and Health, DePaul University, Chicago, IL

* July 2015 - The 5th international conference on Recent Development in Statistical Science and Its Application: Session I on Statistical Learning Methods and Their Application, Examining deterrence of adult sex crimes: A semi-parametric intervention time series approach, The Research Center for Data Science, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, South Korea

* Aug. 2013 - Contributed Oral Poster Presentations: Nonparametric Statistics, Nonparametric intervention time series modeling, Joint Statistical Meetings, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

* Apr. 2013 - Colloquium: Multiple autoregressive time series modeling by the sufficient dimension reduction, College of Charleston, SC